Hiking Checklist

Even though I have been hiking for years, I use a checklist to keep me organized.  This list is extensive and  you will probably not need everything here, so use as you need.  At the end of this is a printable list:

 •Water and/or filter in sufficient quantity 

•Sunglasses, snow glasses 

•Flashlight with extra batteries

 •Windbreaker, rain wear, poncho

 •Swiss Knife/ pen knife 

•Maps of concerned locations 

•Insect repellent 

•Matches/ Lighters 

•Toilet paper 



•Plastic bags (for waste) 

•Camera (with batteries and memory devices) 


•Lunch and energy snacks 

•Sketch pad, pen/pencil


 •Hiking/trekking poles 

•Extra clothing and pair of socks

 •Backpack to carry it all in  

•First aid kit

HikingChecklist (pdf)