Tent Camping Checklist


This is a general tent camping checlist I have compiled and wish to share: (PDF file at the end)



Tent, stakes, poles. (Stakes and poles usually come with the tent). For a beginner I would suggest that you buy a cheaper one. Also, if you have never pitched a tent before I would suggest that you practice once in your backyard so that you are not struggling to pitch it once you are at your campsite.

Tarpaulin or ground cloth

Nylon ropes

Sleeping bags and sleeping bag pads/Air mattresses and air pump.

Sheets, ,blankets and pillows. This is because some sleeping bags do not come with pillows and it is advisable to carry extra sheets and blankets due to the unpredictable weather.


Axe (if you are allowed to chop wood at the campsite)

Flashlights (don't forget the extra batteries!). I would recommend headlamps as they allow ease of use.

Lantern, lantern hanger, extra mantels and fuel. I use a battery operated one for ease of use.

A mat to place at the tent entrance, dust pan and brush

Cooking and Eating

Cooking stove and fuel

BBQ grill

Fire starters, newspaper, lighter fluid, charcoal briquettes if you are going to use a charcoal grill.

Wire brush to clean the grill



Cooking oil/oil spray


Large water container. Make sure you have enough water with you as you may not find drinking water if you are at a primitive campsite. Water bottles

Coolers and ice

Plates, spoons, knives, forks, glasses. I would suggest that you bring plastic ware.

Plenty of paper napkins

An old rag

Cooking utensils (spatulas, serving spoons, pots, pans, mixing bowls)

A plastic tub for cleaning utensils

Dish washing soap and scrubber

Coffee pot

Non perishable food items

Seasonings, sugar, spices

Camp chairs

Folding table and table cloth

Knives, peelers, can openers, bottle openers

Cutting board

Oven mitts/pot holders

Zip lock bags, air tight containers to store food

Trash bags. Always use trash bags to dump your leftovers and dump the trash bags in the space provided in your campsite. This is because bears could come and scavenge through your leftovers. Do not ever attempt to feed or pet the bears! And if bears do visit your campground you will see plenty of sign boards telling you the same thing.

Fire wood if you plan to set up a camp fire. Do not rely on cutting wood as many campsites do not allow you to do that. It is nice to have a small starter log too if their has been a rain recently.




Jeans. Even if you are going camping in the summer make sure you still carry a pair of jeans with you.

Lightweight, comfortable t-shirts

Swim wear


Sleep wear

Hats, caps, bandanas, sunglasses

Shoes, boots (waterproof ones are recommended), socks

Flip flops

Rain jacket/rain coat


Sufficient underwear. Always have extra ones with you.


Sun screen

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash

Shampoo, conditioner

Body soap bar/body wash. If you are bringing a soap bar get a plastic case to store it.


Shaving kit for men

Feminine products


A small mirror

Deodorant. You don't want to stink while camping!

Wet tissues

Hand sanitizer

Toilet paper


First-aid kit. If you are on any form of medication make sure to bring all the required medicines with you.

Insect repellant

Camera, video camera.

Books, magazines

Cards or other games to play if it rains and you are forced to be inside.

Fishing equipment if you plan to fish.


Clothes line

Laundry detergent in case you need to wash underwear or clothes.

Laundry bag

Clothes clips

Notepad, pens, pencils


Cell phone and charger. You can use the alarm clock in your cellphone if your campsite has electricity. Else bring a battery operated alarm clock with you.

Maps, hiking and biking trails. Get a print out of all the necessary documents that you may need during your stay.

Bicycles. If your campground has biking trails then bringing along your bikes would be an excellent idea. You may also have the option of renting bikes. Check your campground's website for all the specific details.